Touch Screen Video Door Phone

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A Premium Built Quality Touch Screen Video Door Phone

No more worrying about who is there outside the house.

This Touchscreen Video Door Phone System solves all your problems in just a second.
See who is outside the house right from the monitor without going near the door.

Also unlock any 3rd party digital door locks from the monitor and eliminate the hassle of walking all the way to the door.

Say Bye-Bye to unknown visitors without opening the door.

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This is the perfect Touch screen video door phone for your house.

Indoor Monitor

  • The indoor Monitors are IP Based which are equipped with 7 inch touchscreen Panel.
  • Each monitor comes with a built-in panic button alarm for emergency situations.
  • Multiple Indoor monitors can be connected together in a house to function as intercom for enabling the voice communication between various section of your house.

Outdoor Camera

  • It is IP54 rated which makes it weatherproof for outdoor use.
  • Never miss a visitor as the outdoor camera captures the image of the visitor and stores them in the Monitor’s call history.
  • Monitor these outdoor cameras anytime even in night as they have Built-in IR lights for better visibility.


This Touchscreen Video Door Phone System also supports 3rd Party Digital door locks, which can be unlocked right from the monitor.
No more hassles of coming down to the main door for opening the door.

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